Rohit Kathayat
March 22, 2024 Digital 0 Comment

What Is SEO:-
SEO means search engine optimization SEO is like giving your website an attractive Look for more visibility that can help your website to rank on search engines like Google. Let’s think you are the owner of a stationery shop, you have a website also and you want to sell your products to more people. At the same time, people are looking on Google for stationery shops. Now SEO helps your shop (website) show up higher when people search for things related to what you offer.

Types Of SEO:-
There are three types of SEO

On-Page SEO:-
This SEO about changes to your Website like a keyword that search engines like Google can understand what is your target audience and make sure your content is helpful for others who are searching for it

Off-Page SEO:-
This SEO is about doing SEO work on different platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Making content on a different platform can help to increase your Website traffic. And it tells search engines that your site is trustworthy and valuable.

Technical SEO:-
It’s about fixing any technical issues that could stop search engines from understanding or accessing your site properly. This includes things like making sure your website loads fast, is easy to navigate and works well on mobile devices.

Why SEO Is Important:-

SEO is important because SEO helps people to find what they are looking for on the internet more easily. Let’s think you are in the big library and there are billions of books and you see a highly informative book which is important for you but its cover doesn’t have relevant words then it’s obvious you’ll not buy that book. SEO helps to make sure your website gets noticed in this giant library. It’s like putting Relevant keywords on your book cover so that people can find the books they need. When your website shows up higher in search results, more people are likely to visit it.

How Does SEO Work:-SEO
Google uses its algorithms to rank Websites. These algorithms are pretty complicated, like solving a big puzzle. They look at lots of different things on a website to decide how good it is and where it should rank in the search results. They look at words on the webpage. If your Website has the same Words that someone is searching in Google, Google thinks it might be what they’re looking for, so it might show it higher in the results.